Creating The Perfect At Home Workout Space

The pandemic caused millions of Americans to put a halt to their fitness routines. Avid gym goers had no where to go, and people who needed the guidance of a personal trainer were unable to utilize their services. Luckily, Zoom and smartphones exist, but absolutely no one saw this coming. Body weight exercises are great, but if you’re someone who loves weight training, this type of exercise can get stagnant very quickly. I think a lot of people scrambled to get their hands on any equipment they could, causing an exercise equipment shortage all over the world (not to mention major price gauging on available equipment). Even now that the gyms are open, some people are still wary about going in to them, especially now that COVID cases are on the rise again. The colder months are upon us well, which may make it difficult to get outside for walks, hike, and jogs. Even if you love going to the gym and hate working out at home, it’s always a good idea to have a space in your to get a quick workout in. No matter how much space you have, or what kind of budget you’re working with, you can always make something work!

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