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As a qualified and accredited certified personal trainer since 2014, I’ve been getting the residents of NEPA fit, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get stronger, or genuinely feel better contact me today and get started!


About Me

Making a Positive Impact

My name is Rachel Davis. I have been working in the fitness industry as a trainer for 8 years. I have multiple certifications including kettlebell certifications. My business is focused on coaching and getting my clients results. When you work with me my main goal is being flexible to cater to your needs in regards of time, location and finances. Helping men and women becoming comfortable with strength training is something I definitely specialize in! 

I am passionate about teaching clients how to lift properly and educate on the amazing benefits they can look forward to from weight training, but also how to take care of their body through proper nutrition to really achieve the results they are looking for!

My Services

Programs designed for any goals and fitness levels!

There are many different ways to get fit and stay fit. Whether you're looking to lose weight, run a marathon, get strong, or just feel great- take a look below at the different ways I can help achieve your fitness goals.

Kettle Ball Squats

1 on 1 Personal Training

Start the path to a healthier you in a private personal training studio.

Running Machine

Group Fitness Classes





& More!

Small Group Personal Training

Train in a group of 4 or less & reach goals fast!

Sporty Woman Stretching

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching


We offer nutrition plans and workouts you can accomplish on your own. We coach and guide you every step of the way!

Weight Bar

Katrina W.

"I found Rachel during the pandemic and she truly has changed my life. She as well as her team are truly incredible. They take such care and focus on each and every client and always make sure the client is pushing themselves to do their best. It is so great to have new classes, small group training, and personal training available ! I love coming to the gym!"

Suzanne K.

“Rachel was my personal trainer for one year. The only reason we are not training together today is because of my personal schedule. I grew to look forward to my 6 am workouts. My self-confidence became as strong as my glutes. Do your mind/body/spirit a favor and hire Rachel today!”

Lydia E.

"Rachel does an awesome job of being encouraging and accommodating as she helps you reach your goals. She keeps you accountable and motivates you without making you feel judged or not doing enough. I enthusiastically recommend Rachel to anyone looking to add structure to their routine!"

Marlene H.

"Rachel has taught me so much about weight training. I never knew how much I could burn from what she's taught me. I always used to tire myself out at the gym and made it miserable because of just doing cardio and it was always easy to give up. I've been staying consistent and feeling amazing. The gym is actually fun and Rachel did that for me. She is so awesome, and I would totally recommend her services!"

Wendy G.

"Rachel has been one of the best trainers I’ve ever had. She is observational and really cares for your overall physical and mental wellness and health. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to push you to do your very best, while simultaneously challenging you outside of your comfort zone. I have gained more strength training with Rachel and developed more knowledge in regards to my struggles with health and nutrition."

Lisa R.

"I bought a personal training pack for my sister as a gift. Rachel was very responsive and had a consultation with my sister within a few days of messaging her. My sister is enjoying her workouts with Rachel so far and says she is really nice and encouraging!"

Amanda B.

"Rachel is an incredible trainer. As someone with a autoimmune condition and adrenal fatigue, I have to consider the type and quality if the workouts I do as to not cause flare ups. Rachel was extremely knowledgable and able to make my workouts not only appropriate and effective, but fun, too!"

Katherine F.

"If I could rate more than 5 stars I would! I have been training with Rachel for 2 months, and she's absolutely fantastic! She's a talented and hard working trainer that knows how to push you hard, but not over the edge. She's not just a trainer but a friend! Couldn't ask for a better trainer! Highly recommend her!"

Lisa A.

"I was looking for something different from the same old cardio routine when I heard about Rachel and working out with kettlebells. Rachel keeps our workout (I work with a partner) fun and interesting!! She personalizes our workouts to suit our needs, always encouraging me to push myself a little bit harder!! My strength and stamina have greatly improved, while toning my body since we began. If you are looking for someone to help you along the way, Rachel is the one!! I look forward to our sessions!! I Highly recommend her!"

Erika H.

"Rachel is an amazing trainer and listens to what you want to achieve for your overall fitness goals! 💪"

Sandi K

"Gyms are closing again. So glad I found someone that does virtual training. See her there on my phone watching me? Rachel makes sure I'm doing the exercises correctly and safely. She knows how to motivate me. She can work with what equipment I have and can even help me find more if needed."

Zachary W.

"I absolutely love training with Rachel. She's easy to talk to, makes workouts based around what your goals are. I'm already losing weight while training with her. It's fun, she makes it enjoyable and just overall has made me feel better about myself and helps me better myself as well."

Lisa G.

"Rachel and Strong Mind Fit are awesome for every level. Knowledgeable positive and flexible. Plenty of variety in the class choices.

The one on one training is top notch."

Chantelle K.

“Loving this journey I’m on! A huge thank you to Rachel Davis for the support, friendship and coaching!”

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